Faster: Frequency variation between 50 and 100HZ, doubles the speed of the gate achieving the opening and closing maneuvers in 5 seconds.

Controlled movements: Nominal speed and opening and closing approximations with decelerations that prevent shocks and preserve mechanical conditions. Eliminates the effort between endless and crown allowing a smooth unlock in the transmission release.

WI-FI / ACCESS POINT Programming via App in Andriod or IOS, exclusive for commissioning, diagnosis and adjustments. Encoder for auto-adjustment function and mechanical obstruction function.
V3F controller designed with line filter to block electrical and transient noises on the power line.

Line filter, which complies with European CE standards and protects the plate against static atmospheric discharges (rays).
Self-adjusting function: Easy commissioning with self-learning function. Obstacle stop (mechanical stress reopening).
Infrared sentinel control in opening and closing manoeuvre. 220/110 VAC power selector. RS232 communications port, for use with tests